VDI environment

Company size:

250 users

Products, solutions and technologies:

Active Directory, GPO, VMware View Horizon, VMWare vSphere

Case description:

At our client’s office, we deployed a VDI Horizon View environment making it possible to manage nearly 250 users located at four different sites throughout Quebec. Relying on VMWare vSphere virtualization architecture, View technology allows for work station procurement in a centralized and standardized manner, through basic models.

This new environment performs so well that this entire user base is administered by just one person. Environments that offer this kind of ratio are rare indeed. In addition, thanks to View, new users can be integrated in just a few clicks.

The vast majority of users working under thinner clients greatly minimize work station maintenance.

Finally, since the work stations are standardized and centrally managed, Office Suite updates can be carried out in just one evening by reconstituting the targeted office pools.