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Synovatec understands the growing importance of information technologies as a central component of the development of companies today. Our consultants provide consulting services to provide you with simple, efficient and strategic technological development, from architecture, integration and operations to optimization, or even a hybrid or complete transition to cloud computing.

That’s why our team of professionals boasts expertise covering the range of technology fields required to propel your company towards the future.

7 expertises in one location

From setting up work stations to implementing a virtual geolocated installed base, we are well-positioned to understand, design, install and diagnose your computer infrastructures.

  • Architecture, development and optimization of private, cloud and hybrid computer infrastructures
  • Implementation, operation and maintenance of physical and virtual environments
  • Storage of primary data, record of employment data and archived data (Solutions WORM Solutions certified by SOX, HIPAA and more)
  • Computer room design and layout
  • Architecture and implementation of active and passive succession solutions
  • Consolidation and optimization of servers and services
  • Architecture, deployment and maintenance of collaborative solutions and unified messaging (UM)
In addition to having several specialists in this area, we have carried out a variety of infrastructure virtualization projects that have enabled companies to decrease their operating costs and improve the security and availability of their services.

  • Virtualization of servers and work stations
  • Virtualization of network and security equipment
  • Virtualization and encapsulation of applications
  • Automatic deployment of virtual desktops
With solid experience in telecommunications and a number of major certifications, we are in a position to propose OR offer reliable solutions guaranteeing the quality and availability of your computer services, in accordance with your budget.

  • Solutions for load balancing, high availability, prioritization and traffic optimization
  • Firewall solutions for applications, distributed session environments, hardware, unified access
  • Wireless network analysis and deployment (office, manufacturing, external, high density)
  • Long-distance wireless network analysis and deployment up to 20 km
Our security services allow you to ensure the survivability of your computer services, protect the confidentiality of your documents and control access to your data. With certifications such as CISSP, SSCP, CEH, CWNP, we can provide you with effective advice about technological responses to threats and current vulnerabilities.

  • Physical and virtual computer security solutions (firewalls, UTM, IDC/IPC, URL filtering)
  • Computer security audits (internal and external intrusion, threat and vulnerability analysis)
  • Physical security audits (physical intrusion, social engineering)
  • Solutions for multiple authentication, access control, encrypting, Single Sign-on (SSO), etc.
  • Security solutions for mobile devices
The experience and high level of certification of our specialists enable us to offer you solutions for guaranteeing the integrity and availability of your data. Whether it is for a simple backup copy, geolocated real-time replication or high performance storage, we have the solution to meet your business needs.

  • Copy solutions for physical and virtual platforms
  • Planned or real-time data replication solutions
  • Long-term disk archiving solutions
  • Backup copy and archiving solutions in accordance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other standards
  • Local solutions in cloud or hybrid computing
Whether it is for a website, a customized virtual private server (VPS), an online backup solution, a controlled environment for your equipment, succession or production, our hosting service can help you with your plans.

  • Hosting of physical and virtual servers (shared, private)
  • Hosting of computer equipment
  • Hosting and management of domain name servers (DNS)
  • Online firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus service
  • Online data storage and backup service
We collaborate with the biggest names in the industry in order to help you acquire computer equipment and business software at competitive prices. From work stations to comprehensive solutions for your data centre (your servers), we are in a position to provide you with the necessary products to carry out your plans. One of our certified technical representatives will advise you so that you can make an informed technology choice.


  • Work stations (desktop computers), laptop computers, tablets, all-in-one computers
  • Computer accessories, screens, printers, digitizers, projectors
  • Servers, work stations, storage units
  • Switches, firewalls, routers
  • Server room equipment, cabinets, cables, UPS
  • All computer products


  • Operating systems
  • Infrastructures (server, security, backup and virtualization)
  • Applications (office, productivity, digital publishing, etc.)
  • Collaboration systems, e-mail, unified messaging (UM)
  • Document management systems
  • All software available on the market

Our expertise, experiences and certifications on Microsoft’s products allow you to have a state-of-the-art, scalable and stable environment. Whether it be a turnkey project or in collaboration, our professional services will help you in your business projects

  • Active Directory deployment and migration, local and cloud
  • Exchange deployment and migration, local and cloud
  • RDS Farms deployment and migration
  • Office 365 solutions, cloud and hybrid
  • Azure deployment and migration
  • Planning of migration towards cloud solutions of larger environments