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Synovatec’s team is always improving!

Only in the past year, our technical specialists and our  sales team got or renew more than 15 certifications.

Those efforts have a goal, and it’s to stay at the leading edge of the technology. This way, we are able to better understand our customer needs and address them with those new technologies.

We would like to congratulate, in the technical team :

  • Dario Dragic for getting two VMware certifications

vmware_professional6_DM vmware_professional6_DCV

  • Sébastien Jutras and Dominic Paquin for getting their certifications on Dell Storage series


  • Véronique Cabana for getting her Office 365 certification


  • Hugo Provencher for his certification on Fortinet



  • Dominic Paquin for his VEEAM certification


And on the sales team :

  • Yvan Raymond for his certifications on Veeam, VMware and Fortinet

VMTSP PNG WHITE        vsp     NSE_3_Logo

Congratulations to all the team members for your continued efforts!